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Ways That A Same-Day Crown Can Help You Avoid Unnecessary Pain

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A same-day crown is an increasingly popular dental procedure that allows you to get through the entire crown process in a single appointment. While the convenience is a great benefit to a same-day crown, this procedure can also spare you pain and irritation. Two ways that a same-day crown can help you avoid unnecessary pain are because it will fit perfectly before you leave the dentist’s office and there is no need for a temporary crown. dental treatment

Fits Perfectly
A same-day crown will fit perfectly before you leave the dentist’s office during the single appointment that is required to make and fit your crown. This means that you will not have to deal with a poorly fitted crown for days or weeks. A poorly fitted crown can allow moisture and air to reach your damaged tooth, which can result in prolonged aching or sharp pains.

The reason that you would have to deal with a poorly fitted crown for days or weeks is because a traditional crown is sent to a third party by the dentist to be created. If the crown arrives and fits poorly, then the dentist will have to order another one from the fabrication facility.

With a same-day crown, all of the necessary tools are in the dentist’s office. This will allow the dentist to keep making the crown as often as necessary in order to make sure that you have a crown that fits perfectly before you leave.No Need for Temporary Crowns

Same-day crown procedures will eliminate the need to wear a temporary crown. A temporary crown is required in order to protect the tooth in a traditional crown procedure while you wait for the permanent one. Since your permanent crown is available at the end of your same-day crown appointment, a temporary crown is not necessary.

This helps you avoid pain because a temporary crown can often be loose, which will cause it to scrape along your gums and dig into your gums if you accidentally bite down on something with it. The scraping can cause your gums to bleed and even lead to infection. A temporary crown is also still going to allow liquids reach the damaged tooth, which can make it painful to eat or drink.cosmetic dentist

Speak to a dentist at a clinic like Downtown Dental today about the benefits of a same-day crown procedure. A same-day crown is ideal for preventing pain because it will eliminate the need for temporary crowns and because the dentist will make sure that your crown fits perfectly before you leave the office.