Monthly Archive: November 2015

World’s Billionaires Join Governments’ Pledge To Save Earth


A startling and totally unexpected announcement right at the start of The COP21 World Climate Change Conference, the 12-day climate-change summit that was held in Le Bourget, Paris, has added a much needed financial boost to the environment-saving measures being adopted by many countries in the world today. The summit saw delegates from nearly 200 countries as well as many famous business-philanthropists.

Mission Innovation aims to generate a renewed and recharged interest in the efforts made by countries to develop and implement clean energy sources. The list of high-profile billionaire business moguls who attended the ‘Mission Innovation: Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution’ meeting at the COP21 includes many eminent and charismatic personalities like:
Microsoft founder Bill Gates,
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg,
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos,
Virgin’s Richard Branson,
LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman
Jack Ma of Alibaba, etc.

The summit also had the presence of powerful world leaders like Barack Obama.

Here, 28 of these billionaires went on to prove that it’s not just their pockets that are full, but so are their hearts. These industry innovators, some of whom have been pioneers in science, technology and business, have decided to give a part of their wealth back to the world. Together, and with the support of 20 countries, they have announced their full support for Mission Innovation. At the summit, Bill Gates led the announcement that they were joining hands to combat climate change by forming a new partnership called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

This consortium hopes to steer more private capital into clean energy research and deployment. By pledging a part of their wealth to this cause, they have paved the way for a boost in the annual spending on clean energy implementation efforts worldwide.

Hopefully, this partnership between the Government and Billionaires will lead to a better, cleaner and healthier Planet Earth.